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Sunday, June 11, 2017


First a quick note:  

Mattie sleeps with her little tongue poking out! 

Our day went by super fast.  By the time we all got up, unloaded the kayaks and paddle board, had a late breakfast of banana pancakes it was time to head out. 

Tim and I then loaded up in the truck, leaving the girls behind to nap, to head south to Sebastian Inlet State Park. There they were holding a Beginners Workshop on Surf Fishing. This is something we know very little about and decided it worthwhile to attend. The weather was going to turn bad so we wouldn't be missing anything at camp. I've Surf Fished before in Africa off the coast of Namibia. Since Tim wasn't there he doesn't like me talking about it. I was working!  ;-)))

The workshop was held in The Fishing Museum on the south side of the Inlet  ... more on it later in the week. It was interesting. The topics covered  were what rods and reels to use, bait rigs and what type of bait to use and much more. We will probably come back again later in the year when they have additional workshops that cover different surf fishing subjects in more detail. 

While we were in the workshop the monsoon hit. It was pouring so hard that one minute you could see across the Inlet and the next you couldn't. Water was standing everywhere, the park had cleared out for the most part and the people left were doing their best to stay dry. Luckily we had anticipated this before we left as Tim had put all the awnings up, put away the chairs and secured everything else. When we did make it back all was well. Just the bikes fell over. However our new party friends next door, the tent dwellers who we love, did not fare so well. One of their tents collapsed, the party pool collapsed and everything they had got soaked. They handled it all with grace. Did what they could to dry out and made the most of it. I think most people would have picked up and left. Others in the campground had their entire RV awnings destroyed. 

I almost forgot ... right before we left to go to Sebastian as I was walking the girls I had a Pit Bull, very young, come at the girls growling and barking. In attack mode! I hate to name the breed of dog but when you have that, are in a crowded campground you are required to keep your dogs leashed. They had not. It's called responsibility. Everywhere you go there is always someone who believes the rules don't apply to them. I screamed, like a little girl, the dog backed off and charged again. The owner came and got this dog, never apologized then their other dog came to attack. So scary! Since then those dogs have been kept cabled. I'm sure it's not the last we will deal with them. What if that had been a small dog or a toddler cruising by on a bike? 

The day ended with a beautiful fire pink sky, a short paddle on my paddle board in the slick mirrored water and a delicious grilled foil pack dinner of ham, pineapple, sweet potatoes and apple. 

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