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Monday, June 12, 2017


Yesterday turned out to be a fun day of relaxation. There were no dog incidents. I got a few paddles in on my board. Tim and I spent time hanging out under my colorful umbrella on our beach while we heckled at our neighbors. Love them! 

Jett and Mattie played and played in the water. Jett just wants to retrieve what ever you throw for her. I had the little boy next door throw for her too. Since Mattie doesn't retrieve she spends her time trying to get the little waves that splash on the beach and then steals Jett's toy after she retrieves it. 

As soon as Jett departs the water and gets on the beach she rolls in the sand. This picture is a close-up of her coat. Rrrrgh! Once the campground cleared out of the 'weekenders' and our tent dwellers next door (love them) departed I began paddle board lessons with the girls. It's going to be baby steps. I hate to say I have no pictures. I left my GoPro at home! I'll have Tim take pictures today. Mattie was up first. She got on the board and laid down, held still and enjoyed me just pushing her around in the shallow water. Jett was up next! She did much better than I anticipated. Jett is so hyper that I wasn't sure she would ever get on my board. She got on and stood stiff. Jett refused to sit or lay down but stayed on! She even turned around a few times without falling off while I pushed her around in the shallow water. 

Today I hope to (one at a time) get a life vest on them, get one on the board, get me on the board (sitting) and take short paddles. They have already been acclimated to the life vest. Their hiking packs helped with that! Tim and I also plan on a kayaking trip out. 

The day ended with a scrumptious Low Country Boil that we did on the grill. My secret ingredients are beer and Old Bay Seasoning. The shake kind not the bag with this cooking technique. And imported Irish butter infused with garlic and herbs. Also if you have all day you can do the same thing in a crockpot but it takes about six hours. 

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