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Sunday, May 31, 2015


                 FIRST ICE CUBE

Tim and I decided to come home a day early. We were just anxious to get Jett home as soon as we could. Jett needed to get to know and explore her forever home. 


So glad we made the decision to come home today. Mom & John had left early and wound up having two blow outs on their RV on their return home. Since one doesn't carry ten spare tires ... after the second blow out they called us for our ETA to them. Luckily the spare to our Airstream fit their RV and once we got to their location Tim had them up and running in no time. Phewww!!!

On the Jett front: She is faster than a speeding bullet and is living up to her name. Real quick . . . she loves rugs, brooms, dust pans, scrub brushes, flip flops, guitar cases, Fishy, all her toys, green grass and we think she'll be a landscaper when she grows up. Tim and I only had time for a few pictures today. Jett had us on the run as soon as we got home. She was able to check out her yard, back porch and new home. Maybe we should have named her Rocket?! The day flew and we are just happy to get Jett home. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Our day was composed of just taking care of Jett. We didn't go anywhere or do anything. We only had visitors. My mom and step dad John made a few visits. My niece Sandy and her daughter Emma came to meet Jett and to hang out. That was the highlights of our day and we all had fun!

     4 Weeks    8 Weeks

Friday, May 29, 2015


To you . . . Ms. Jett Wymer. Jett, that's with two Ts, is the newest addition to our family. And SHE is super sweet. 

Today turned out to be a long day as well. The long drive to/from Jacksonville wasn't bad just time consuming. Tim and I were able to make the stops along the way in Gainesville for breakfast then JD Sanders RV in Alachua. Sanders is an Airstream dealer and we needed to pick up a few little parts from them. 

The rest of our day was spent playing with and staring at Jett back at camp. So I'll just leave you with one more picture (ok two) of our little fur baby!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


In anticipation of our fur baby's arrival tomorrow, it was the slowest day ever. Tim and I did the few last minute preparations needed for baby girl this morning after breakfast. We also got the other heavy duty E-Z Up set up for our additional shade. 

By early afternoon we were back on the water kayaking. This time we started off heading up stream to the main head spring. During our outing we had our packed lunch while sitting in the kayaks under the shade of some cypress trees. Then it was a very nice leisurely float with the current back down stream to base camp. Again the water here in Rainbow Springs River is just as crystal clear gorgeous as it gets. 

On our return to camp my mother and step dad, Phyllis and John, had arrived in their RV for the weekend. Together we had a simple yet yummy dinner together at our campsite. Due to our last minute reservations they will be about ten sites away from us tonight then they move tomorrow to the other side of the campground. Guess we will be getting lots of exercise walking back and forth with baby girl. 

Tonight we go to bed early. Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. Tim and I will be rising early to drive to the farm in Jacksonville to pick up our fur baby. The plan is to leave here in Dunellon early so that we have enough time to eat breakfast in Gainesville, make a quick stop in Alachua at an Airstream dealer for a  few minor parts before heading north east to Jacksonville. I have a feeling it will be a sleepless night tonight due to the excitement that awaits for us tomorrow. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Just add water!

As Tim and got ready for bed last night we decided not to put up the main awning on the Airstream or pull down the additional shade. All storms had passed. At just about 1AM a storm came through. No bad wind or rain but I did hear a thump at one point. I decided to look outside when I then asked Tim if he had lowered one side of the pop-up shade. No!?

All that I can say is what Uncle Si would say ... 'Piece of junk!' We then waited to pick up the pieces in the morning and realized we had had seven happy years with that pop-up. 

Tim and I then set out for what we had planned for the day. Kayaking down river to Swampy's Bar and Grill. It was the most gorgeous day. Partly cloudy and hot but the cold 72* water more than made up for the heat. Lunch at Swamp's was great. Service was slow but it always is and the bar tenders great personality made us forget about the time. 

It took us one hour and nine minutes to get there by kayaking down stream. BUT just over two hours on our return up stream. Uugh! Hmmm ... Wonder if the beer had anything to do with that?

Once back to camp we decided to make a quick run home to get the heavy duty  Ezee Up and to retrieve all the packages that arrived today that we were not expecting until next week. I know we will sleep good tonight from the paddle and drive. TWO more days until fur baby! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Tim and I had a safe and unadventurous one hour and fifteen minute drive all the way to Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunellon, Florida today. Except for tightening a few kayak straps along the way it was an easy drive. Today it was an excruciating 93* upon our arrival. It was flat out HOT. 

Our campsite has no shade but in anticipation of this we brought an Ezee Up shade tent and a fan to help us out. So glad we did! In our site right behind the Airstream is a beautiful Passion Flower Vine. It has the most gorgeous blooms on it.  

After we got settled into our camp site we took the short walk down to Rainbow River. Here from the park you can float down Rainbow River, that stays a constant 72*, on an inter-tube and then there's a tram that returns you or  you can rent/use your own kayak and explore on your own. This is our plan for tomorrow since we brought our kayaks. 

Once we got to the launch site on the river a massive storm was building just north of us so we didn't waste too much time down there. We got back and had barely a drop at camp but could tell areas near us had major storms with hail. 

Tim quickly grilled some chicken for our delicious salads. Then for the first time Tim used our new pop corn kettle on the open fire. It was a super quick process. About a minute to gather everything and then less than a minute to pop it. It was delicious! 

We have just a few days left to finish our final preparations for the new fur baby. She is growing fast! Friday is our travel day from here to go pick her up. The anticipation continues to build!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


As a few of you already know Tim and I finally made the decision to get another dog. Time to make it official here on the blog. Next month will be two years without Roxy and we've decided that it's well over due. 

I've been keeping an eye on R&R Farms a breeder up near Jacksonville for some time and have gone through a half dozen other breeders. We've had a deposit on a puppy there for a while and yesterday Tim and I drove up to pick out our girl from her litter. It may sound like an easy decision ... Only four in this litter of black labs and one is a male. Since we had first choice on the black females that gave us just three to choose from. Uuuugh! Let me tell you it was tough. Glad we didn't have to decide from the other, one week older, litter of TEN. 

After some good quality time spent with all three girls we chose the girl known as Female #3. Tim and I have not decided on a name yet. I think we want to spent some time with her before deciding. We do have a short list of names that is constantly changing. She is just 4 1/2 weeks old now and still requires some more good quality time with her mom and litter mates. 

Our little girl has melted both our hearts. We will have three more weeks to prepare for her arrival and to decide on a name. And of course we are camping in the Airstream the weekend we pick her up! Guess we will be starting her out from the beginning on learning how to camp. 

I can't wait to update you all with pictures of her once we pick her up in three weeks. This will be the longest three weeks ever!