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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crystals and Diamonds are a girls best friend . . .

And her Airstream. At least that's what my Airstream looked like after a good coat of Walbernize and a soaking rain. Well, we are doing the final touches to the Palace today. The awnings are all washed and re-scotch guarded. All the windows have new D-seals. We are finishing up the replacement of a small roof vent and also put new seals on two of the other vents. The only thing left to do today is clean the Fantastic vent seals and put on a coat of silicone to keep them from sticking when opening.

Now other than packing and a final wash (A/S sits under trees) we will be road ready to leave for our Keys trip. Once we land in the Keys I hope to blog a bit more on our travels. Lets just hope for some good internet service down there.