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Monday, December 22, 2014


FINALLY!!! After many years of patiently waiting . . . it happened. Three weeks ago Tim and I have found/purchased the Holy Grail of trailers!!! Or at least in our minds and no one else. LOL

We now have a FLEET of Airstreams and will keep both of the Airstreams. I know this might be old news for some of you as I have emailed or called you personally the second we made the purchase. But Tim and I have been just so busy jumping up and down AND on a camping trip in our '04 Airstream that I never made the official announcement on our blog. SO here's the story . . .


I found the '48 Liner on Craig's List. It just happened to be near where Tim works ... he was on shift at the Fire Department and I had him meet me there ASAP.  Oh gzzz  . . . this story sounds familiar. As in 7 1/2 years ago with our '04 Airstream! Here we go again. I've always said when we find it, it will be under our noses. No need to travel thousands of miles. The interior is somewhat in tact. OK ... a toxic waste dump ... chipping/hanging paint and everything ... everywhere. Clear FL title (now in our name). We made the purchase and towed her home down the FL Turnpike - duct tape and all. I played the chase vehicle picking up any falling parts. None fell ... guess the duct tape worked!


I have to keep peaking out the window to make sure it wasn't a dream. Nope . . . not a dream. We really do have a 1948 Airstream Liner sitting in our yard! She is going to be so beautiful once restored and polished. Tim and I have a long road ahead of us ... years actually to get this one done. But we are not in a hurry. The first 'official' part has already been ordered and installed. A proper main entry door knob. The one that was on her did not work and constantly kept popping open. Now we have a shinny new one that fits properly and one that we have a key to. We will need help with it and will have questions for everyone and the 'What did/would you do?' kinda stuff when we get to that point. Anyone like to polish?

Now if only the rest of the '48 was all shinny! Got polish??? I know I keep trying. No takers yet. Cheers ... we drank our first beers in her already ... standing!!! Hahahaha


On top of that we have just acquired Tim's Grandfather's truck a few weeks previous to purchasing the '48 Airstream. It's a 1961 Chevy Apache Pick-Up. So for now our heads are spinning. Tim said spinning doesn't cover it. It may be a year until we dig into the Airstream but we have her and that's what is important.

For now the truck has priority and the next six months to a year will be focused on it. We are so very excited. This all happened all at once and at the worst/best time. Oh my! Is there ever a good time?

The other day Tim and I spent some time with the '61 Chevy. Tim starting on the mechanics of the truck. Me doing the initial cleaning on the interior. This truck has sat for 25 years untouched. Mechanically a few things will need to be accomplished prior to getting this one to our house. At the end of our day Tim began cleaning just the hood with a solution of CLR and water. It seems that a good amount of the surface rust will be able to be removed. Initially Tim plans on keeping this one's exterior distressed and will probably clear coat it once we get what rust to come off, to come off.

This will also be a fair warning that from time to time I will update everyone on this blog about the updates and progress of both the 1948 Airstream Liner and the 1961 Chevy Apache Pick-Up Truck. Guess it's fair, this is my Airstream'n Blog after all. We plan on using the '61 truck as the tow vehicle for the '48 Airstream. They are going to make an amazing vintage caravan rig together. Look out TCT!!!



Every year Tim and I get together with friends and family and camp nearby for a long weekend in December. We love doing this. It's a great time to spend relaxing with everyone during the Holidays.

This year was was no exception. Our group had a blast. We decided to re-visit the same place as last year because this park has so many activities and a great downtown area nearby. Something for everyone! Silver Springs State Park in Ocala is fantastic. All the campsites are large and nicely shaded so that we can accommodate our party! We hosted a campfire each night. Had some yummy s'mores! Did a pot luck dinner one night and breakfast for everyone on Sunday morning.



Silver Springs offers crystal clear springs, glass bottom boat cruises, and an assortment of unique animals. You can bike, hike, kayak, bird watch and tour the old amusement park and a museum.


This year has just flown by. We arrived safely back home for just a week and we will be off again to camp for Christmas.

Monday, December 1, 2014


One of our amazing finds during our Southwest travels recently was Elizabeth Jose. It was a chance meeting out in the high desert of northwestern New Mexico. Just as Tim and I were departing Chaco Culture National Historic Park we met the most lovely lady who just happens to be a British fine artist and a lover of Airstreams who lives in New Mexico. During our meeting we allowed Elizabeth a photo shoot of our Airstream. Tim 'worked it' and maneuvered the Airstream into the perfect position for the shoot.

During the shoot we had a great conversation and realized that we had friends in common. Elizabeth Jose has previously had one of her paintings on the cover of Airstream Life (Fall 2013). A little over a week later after leaving Chaco Elizabeth contacted us with photo of an almost complete Airstream painting ... our Airstream at Chaco. The painting is fabulous! I love how she captured the softness of the desert, the reflection of sage on our rig and Fajada Butte in the background. Since then the painting has been completed and she has it on her website.

Just recently Elizabeth contacted me again. She is releasing her 2015 - Airstream Calendar and wanted to let us know that her painting of our Airstream made the cover!

Please click the link below to take a look at the calendar and purchase one for that special and unique Holiday gift. Also while you are there browse through her paintings of Airstreams, Vintage Trucks, Portraits, Still Life, Nudes and Landscapes.

Elizabeth Jose - Artist

Tim and I are tickled and honored about this painting and the calendar. Elizabeth has an amazing talent and vision that she is able to put on canvas. Enjoy . . .