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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's nearing time to depart again for our summer adventure. Tim and I are planning on attending  Alumapalooza4 in Ohio at the Airstream factory again. Our fourth year attending. On the way up and on our return we will be making different stops. This keeps us from going to the same places and doing the same things along the way for this same trip. Our adventure will take us through nine states. The stops will include going to the 'top' of a mountain, staying at an equestrian park, visiting the Mothership (Airstream factory of course), then staying at a hidden gem in a meadow and finally to a metropolitan area that use to be known as Oyster Point. This last stop will be quite the adventure having been attacked in the past by Spain, France and pirates! It's a good stop for a foody as well. I'll keep you guessing about our stops along the way until we land at each one.


This time Alumapalooza will be different for me. In the past Tim and I have worked this event as volunteers. We have had the best time going even though we were working. Being able to meet everyone and getting them settled (laying the water and electric for 200 Airstreams) for their week ahead. This year I go as the Event Coordinator. Keeping my film work as my priority so far my work for R&B Events has been the perfect balance of both worlds. I set my own hours and work for them when and where I want ... from my office, back porch, Airstream (where ever it may be) or the even on the beach. All that I need is the Internet, computer (or iPad) and my cell phone and I'm good to go!

R&B Events currently does three events a year. Alumapalooza in Ohio, Alumafandango in Oregon,  Alumafiesta in Arizona and next year they will add a fourth . . . Alumaflamingo in Sarasota, Florida. I am the Event Coordinator for all these events. R&B Events is made up of Rich Luhr, Editor of the magazine Airstream Life and his business partner Brett Greivelderinger who does the Advertising Sales. They brought me on their team earlier this year. Last July I sent them a proposal for 'help' and they finally took me up on my offer. I'm really excited to be a part of this amazing group of people.

We did take a short trip with the Airstream last month that I did not blog about because it was just another repeat trip that we do every year. It just seemed like I would be writing about the same thing AGAIN . . . the work volunteer rally at Ft. Christmas in east Orange County. Below is a picture from our outing. It's not often that you meet people who you know will be friends for life. I miss you guys already .... Linda & the ever so precious Dixie AND Jeanne & Tom.

Until we depart for The Mothership there are so many things to get done. Especially for the longer hauls. Maintenance, cleaning, sorting, thinning all storage in the Airstream & interior design changes. More on all this is coming soon. As far as Tim & I go . . . We are out of control. Life has a difficult way of not helping us decide between WANT and NEED. Tim wants. I NEED! Tim wants another kayak. A sit on top fishing one. I NEED a paddleboard. I already have a surf rack installed on my SUV. What? No board yet? Yup it's defiantly a cool factor driving around with it. Tim wants to build a bicycle with an engine on it. I NEED another Airstream (looking for a fleet) I NEED . . . Well, you get the picture. Tim's says I'm his hobby!!! LOL

I've been doing Stand Up Paddleboarding for a year now and have done everything including beg, borrow & rent paddleboards. Anything to get me on the water. The picture below is from this past Friday night where I rented a paddleboard for a full moon paddle with sixty other paddlers. They rigged under water lights on all the boards. It was an AMAZING experience! The time will come . . . patience. I see a birthday on the horizon.