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Thursday, March 30, 2017


March 28th - 31st, 2017

Here we are! Currently we are in Cedar Key on Florida's west coast. It's just a short 2 hour trip from the house. Tim and I were here three or four years ago with our Airstream group. Back then we stayed at Sunset Isle RV Park. During that trip we discovered a little Tiki Bar walking distance right down the road. The Tiki Bar is attached to a little motel of five rooms - The Low-Key Hideaway. They also have three campsites on property! Right by the Tiki Bar!!! So here we are ... it's taken me this long to get a reservation.

Tim and I are loving it here! Our site has its own deck on the water and we have nothing to do but wait for the Tiki Bar to open at 2PM. We don't need to go into town ... been there done that a few years ago. Not into the tourist thing here. No group of people to socialize with. We didn't bring the kayaks or my paddle board. We didn't bring our bikes. We can borrow some from the motel if needed. We didn't bring any fishing poles. We did however bring Tim's guitar and one of my ukuleles. We brought all our food. We haven't even unhooked the truck from the Airstream. 

They are green here at the Low-Key Hideaway. The Tiki Bar wall was built with recycled wood from a house that was being renovated in Cedar Key and the doors you see on the outside of the tiki bar wall were recycled off of Craigslist. The glass walls of the tiki bar are mortared together with wine, beer and liquor bottles sold at the tiki bar itself.

Another great thing about the Low-Key Hideaway besides the Tiki Bar is that dogs are allowed (no kids though). Your dog can go anywhere on property. They can go out on the dock. In the Tiki Bar. Anywhere. Both Jett and Mattie have made themselves at home here. It's been the perfect hassle free get away for us. 

Our next trip is not scheduled until June but who knows ... we can take off anytime without notice now! 


February 23rd - 26th, 2017

Within a few weeks of Tim's retirement we were off on a trip. Below is hopefully a better link to Tim's retirement video: 

We packed all our stuff, loaded up the girls and off to Brooksville, Florida for our annual trip to the Tin Can Tourist Winter Convention. 

Jett and Mattie had a blast. With all the attendees at this event they met many new people and other dogs as well. Being out in the woods gave them many opportunities to explore too. 

There were over 100 rigs in attendance. Anything from Trotwoods, to Scoties to the usual vintage Airstreams. Our goal is to have our 1948 Airstream Liner restored for the 100th TCT Winter Convention. With the open house of the vintage trailers, nightly entertainment, a tour of a private car collection, a potluck dinner, a few catered dinners and all the socializing the time flew. 

Every year we say 'This was the best one yet!' And the same held true for this year ...

I along with a few others were interviewed on the VAP. The VAP is the Vintage Airstream Podcast. This is an audio link only:

This year begins the fundraising for the 100th Convention that takes place in two years. As part of the fundraising they held a raffle. One item that Tim got tickets for was for a sword. This sword has history to it and belongs to our friends who are Sword Swallowers & Fire Breathers! Well of course Tim won the sword and had to retrieve it ... out of the Sword Swallower! 

We really did have a great time and will take off soon for a short little get away. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


February 9th, 2017

Yup! He did it. TIM RETIRED!!! Tim's last day of work at Kissimmee Fire Department has come and gone. I know this might be old news for some of you but I wanted to get this out to those who don't know. 

After dedicating thirty-six years of his career to the fire service, thirty-one of those at City of Kissimmee, he has finally retired. He couldn't go out quietly as his last shift gave him three structure fires, chased smoke in the childrens ward at the hospital and had numerous other medical calls. 

Tim wanted no fanfare on his departure. Just a simple, no effort meal of Nathan's hot dogs and baked beans from Fat Boys for his last shift meal. Well since his last shift was so chaotic he never made it to his own party! So he had no choice but to have a big gathering outside of work after his official retirement.

Thanks so much to everyone who put it together. Tim really appreciated everything that was done for him. He wants to thank all those who helped (you know who you are), all who attended and thanks for all the gifts. No words can describe the gratitude felt. ALL very much appreciated!!!

Tim (my hero) now begins the next chapter of his life ... 

A little video: