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Saturday, December 26, 2015


      Sertoma with TCT

This month has been a busy one. Between my work, two camping trips and a road trip to Alabama I've not been home much. My work has been busy. We took a short trip in the Airstream to Sertoma with TCT at the beginning of December with about 60 other vintage RV rigs earlier this month. There was no schedule or agenda, just hangout and see who can put out the most Holiday decorations and Christmas lights. There was absolutely nothing to blog about except Jett getting some cow love. 

Then in the middle of December Tim and I drove to Alabama with Jett to get his Mom and drive her back to Florida. This was Jett's longest road trip yet and she did pretty good considering. Jett loved the cooler weather there and meeting even more family. Including Jose the chihuahua. It was another good experience for her. I try to socialize her as much as possible with people, dogs and different environments. 

Currently we are camping at Lake Louisa State Park, just eleven miles from the house, for Christmas again until Sunday. This is our fifth year doing this. It sure does take the stress out of the Holidays. My mother and step-father are here in their RV. Aunt Martha, who is down from Ohio, is here as well staying with my mom. All my other relatives who live nearby came to camp for Christmas morning. It was a fun gathering for everyone. 

While here at Lake Louisa Jett, now eight months old and 66 pounds, is becoming a Seasoned 'Jet' Setter Camp Dog. She has gone on a few hikes and got to swim in one of the lakes here. Jett has a bit more maturing and growing to go but she still promises that one day she will be the best dog ever. Tim and I also took our first stab at camp Dutch Oven Cooking outside.  Our first recipe chosen was Pot Roast. It turned out super yummy!!!

As it looks now January will be an idle month for the Airstream. February will then be the start of our 2016 Camping season. Next year will bring a few new trips for us to explore. And 2016 will also bring big changes for us both in camping and our home life. We hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year. Happy Holidays all!!!

Hang on! Bumpy ride ahead . . . 

Monday, November 9, 2015


Today turned out to be a long day. We actually slept in a bit ... all except for Jett! After camp coffee Tim and I then took our time packing and getting road ready for departure. 

Koreshan State Historic Park is a great place to visit. Rich in history and spectacular grounds to explore.  We missed the previous two years of this event and so glad we were able to make the trip this year. 

Our return home was an easy one. We missed all the rain coming through with the front. There were a few sprinkles once we got home then it all dissipated. The next few days will finally bring us cooler weather. 

Jett rides great in Tim's truck and loves helping her dad drive. She makes sure he is checking the mirrors prior to lane changes and even tries to keep an eye on him while she naps. 

All was well upon our arrival home. Jett was excited to run free in her back yard. And we even got to play a few games of fetch with her new frisbee that has an internal light. We figured it would be great for this new time change, giving us a way to burn off some of her energy after dark. 

The Airstream is now all unloaded. Tomorrow the fun begins with cleaning the interior and washing all the laundry. We are hoping to get back out for a few trips next month. So stay posted! 

Oh yeah ... My sister's orchid survived in our absence and is in full bloom now. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I'll start with the end of our day and work back to this morning. Since the seafood was so good the other day we went back to Skip One today. I really wanted the shrimp the other day but they persuaded me into getting the pan grilled snapper special of the day. My goal today was shrimp! 

Wouldn't you know it that today's special was ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMP! When do you ever see a restaurant have an all you can eat special? When have I ever gotten an all you can eat platter? I am so miserable. I don't want anymore shrimp for awhile. I can't even post a picture of the shrimp from today. But here's more stone crab claws. What was I thinking?!

Midday was spent with Jett. Since we have been so busy there has been no time to explore the park. We took a few hikes and enjoyed the afternoon. Jett especially liked sitting on the shore of the Estero River watching the kayaks and canoes paddle by. 

Breakfast was early, short, sweet and easy. Just coffee, Danish and cookies. This event is now over and everyone who had camped in the settlement had to depart today. It was nice to have everyone together in in one place this morning to make saying goodbye easy. Jett came with us and got to see her new friends one last time. 

Overall Jett did really well on this trip. It was great being able to expose her to our group, other dogs and crowds everyday. She has made new puppy friends here about her age that she will continue to see and will be her friends through out her life. The more I socialize her and get her in different environments the better prepared we are for anything in the future. We had several compliments on how well behaved she was for just being seven months old. Maybe, just maybe my hard work and dedication to her is paying off?

Here it is November, just after dark and it's still eighty-one degrees outside. It's been a scorcher here. Ninety degrees for a high everyday we've been here and a low of just seventy-two degrees. All those in their vintage trailers have been miserable in this heat. Most don't have AC and if they do have AC there's not enough power to run it. They are only supplied with rally power meaning just enough to keep the batteries charged and run a fan. We on the other hand had to camp in the regular campground with our non-vintage Airstream where we have full water and 30 amp electric hook-ups. I so couldn't tell them that the temperature inside our Airstream drops to 67* inside at night. I guess this is one year to be grateful we didn't have our (no AC) vintage 1948 Airstream down here. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015


With twenty-three rigs to see here at Koreshan State Park our day was packed at the Open House. Tim and I try to visit each trailer, chat with the owner and take in their dream. We know each of them have invested so much time and energy to create their labor of love. I can totally appreciate their vision and all the workmanship. 

These beauties ranged from Airstreams, Boles Aero, Avions, Shastas, Spartanettes to a Frolic to a Chevy Greenbriar Van. All amazing! With their owners ready to tell their story. 

One day, soon I hope, we will have our 1948 Airstream to a point that we can bring it to one of these Tin Can Tourists Events or I to a Sisters On The Fly Rally. The best thing about these vintage gatherings is that it's a great resource for anything RV vintage. If someone doesn't know a guy or know a part source or know who done it, they know someone who knows a guy who really knows a guy. It's as if everything is at your fingertips ready to be answered. 

Since all that we did was spend the day socializing in and around these vintage beauties, gathering knowledge, I'm just going to leave you with more pictures from our long day . . .

Friday, November 6, 2015


Friday came and went with the blink of an eye as well. Breakfast was catered here on property in the settlement. It was really good and an easier process than taking about fifty people to a sit down restaurant to eat. 

After breakfast Jett was treated to a visit at the local PetSmart where she got more snacks, an LED frisbee and a new Easy Walk Harness. We love her new harness it allows us easier control in crowds and in unexpected situations by redirecting her forward motion.  

Back at the Airstream we ate a quick lunch of Hawaiian Sliders. They were super yummy! Ham and Swiss on small potato rolls drizzled with a mixture of butter, mustard, Worcestershire & garlic salt. We assembled the sliders, placed them in a tin, covered them with aluminum foil then popped them on the grill for about ten minutes. Yes ... YUM!

As we made our way thru the day we glanced at the exteriors of a few trailers and wandered through the settlement. Dinner was a pot luck then our entire group played Movie/TV Charades. FUN! The rules were easy . . . Dress yourselves up and or your trailer or even just give a famous or not so famous quote from a movie or TV series.  Five couples dressed their trailers and the rest were in costume or only did quotes. We enjoyed the renditions of everything from Scooby Doo, Star Wars, Lavern and Shirley, Psycho (the shower scene) to the Blues Brothers. Tim and I did a quote from 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' 

It turned out to be another long day. Jett had fun with her newest friend Lila. We met new friends as well and tomorrow will bring us the Open House displaying all the vintage trailers to tons of local visitors. All proceeds from park entry fees will benefit the Koreshan Historic Society. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

SKIP ONE . . .

If your looking for the freshest shrimp in town then Skip One Seafood Restaurant & Fish Market in Ft Myers is the place to go. It was just a quick fifteen minutes drive north on Tamiami Trail. There's nothing like a mallet and a good cold beer in a plastic tumbler served with dinner. Stone crab, pan fried snapper with lump crab, shrimp, grouper and scallops. All delicious!

I'm not sure where the day went because it flew. Tim and I started with an early breakfast at the Airstream. Then we surprised Jett with a visit to the local dog park. Estero Community Park is just about a mile from camp. The dog park there is very nice. Jett had a blast (no pun intended) and she met some new friends. I think Lightning and Monty are Jett's new buddies.   

Then we left Jett at the Airstream to rest while we went to Skip One to have a late lunch. Then we returned to pick her up and our appetizer to take to the Get Acquainted Social at 4pm. Before we knew it the day was gone. We are hoping to slow the roll tomorrow. Wishful thinking as there are a few more items on our groups agenda for tomorrow!