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Friday, May 31, 2013


                BACK-UP DERBY
                    SOME MUD!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

APZ4 Day 2

APZ4 Day 1

Tuesday there were a total of 80 Airstreams parked and set-up for water and electric. It was a good day considering we started with a little rain. We are glad day one is done and that everyone is settled in and happy. We are anticipating an additional 40 tomorrow. Then a few on Thursday and Friday. 

               HAPPY 'PALOOZERS

Monday, May 27, 2013


It was a very busy day getting all the final preparations finished. Luckily I was able to make a trip out to do laundry in the morning. This afternoon we did a Memorial Day cookout for all the 'Paloozers who have arrived early. I'm guessing we fed 80 people. Tomorrow is a big day with 100 trailers arriving for Alumapalooza4 Day 1!!! 

Woo-Hoo and a yiiipppeee ki-yay!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Today's work load was very minimal. We had goody bags to assemble. Brass valves to mark with bright spray paint and that was about it. Everything was done by noon. The weather is still nice with highs in the sixties and lows in the forties. Being a Florida girl I have my winter coat on by 4 o'clock. It will begin to warm by the middle of the week. 

Finally today we had an afternoon to relax and socialize. It's going to be a busy week ahead with some long work days. Sometimes it's nice while traveling not to have a day on the road moving an be able to chill out. 

A few pictures from the day . . .

         Our spot in the Terra Port at the Airstream factory. 

        Butters . . . Roxy's new boyfriend 

A must have Bowlus Road Chief trailer from the 1930's. Notice the door entry is over the front hitch. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


With Alumapalooza nearing we took advantage of the nice weather today and began the field prep. Last night it got down to 43* and the high today was 66*. So with that we were able to get the flags set with Lou & Larry for where every Airstream will be parked. Then Tim and I checked out all the temporary water and power systems that will be laid out for the event looking for leaks and ground faults. 

                    LARRY & LOU

We finished at four o'clock then went back to the Heidout taking my Aunt Martha who met us for dinner. A few cold beers, a glass of wine, good company  and pizza made for a nice relaxing dinner after being in the field all day. Thanks for hang'n with us Aunt Martha ... We enjoyed it. 

Friday, May 24, 2013


TGIF! Today Tim and I made it safely to the Mothership in Jackson Center, Ohio. But before we left The Horse Park Roxy had a few minutes to roll in the Kentucky bluegrass. 

After we arrived & unhitched at the Airstream factory we said hello to everyone here. ThenTim and I had to take care of the business of replacing our spare. Originally we were going to go to a local shop for a new tire. BUT we told one of our friends here what we were doing and he had just got six new tires for his tri-axle Airstream and a few of those tires were still good. So we wound up having the factory swap out our rims with the new & used tires and we were on our way for $35. This was way cheaper than some of our first quotes. 

By the evening we were settled in, had the tires changed and had had dinner at the Heidout with two other couples. With the week that we just had the hot meal and a cold beer was well deserved. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


First I'll say that we had a late start in our departure from Red Top Mountain State Park. The conversation & company was just so good with Lynetta and the kids that it was hard to leave. As we were saying our final goodbyes, standing between the Airstreams, Tim carefully leaned toward me, as if I had the plague, slowly grabbed my hand and pulled me forward saying I needed to move forward NOW. As this was happening everyone else began screaming  and running away from me. I'm thinking the bees aren't that bad ... No need to be that scared. Possibly a bear? It was totally one of those slow motion moments in life.  Little did I know that a copperhead rattle snake had slithered up behind me and was a foot away ... Maybe less but you know me I'm not one to exaggerate. Since I didn't have on my snake proof flip flops it was a good thing I move fast & that they all saw it because the snake could have very easily struck me or I could have taken a step backwards onto it. That could have brought this trip to a screeching halt. Phewwww ... Tim saved the day. 

At around eleven we finally pulled out of the campsite. But due to onsite construction we had to go to the far end of the campground to get turned around. Then we had to wait for the workers to get a tractor loaded and finally we were on our way. Then it happened ... denial. Just about 45 minutes north on I-75 ... BOOM. It sounded like a shot gun went off. Uhhhhh! Was that us? Nah. The truck was riding just fine. OK I think you better pull over anyway just to double check. Yup! That was us. The right rear tire on the Airstream had blown. We were lucky that is wasn't on the other side next to the lane of traffic. And we also had sustained some very minor damage to the Airstream from the blow. So much for that expensive tire monitoring system that never alarmed us. Tim got us back on the road in about thirty minutes while a really nice State Trooper sat behind us for a few minutes with his lights on. It was very scary having all that traffic blowing by so close and so fast. 

Tim and I have safely settled at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington for the night. This is the horse capital of the world! Tomorrow we will land at the Mothership and will look into a new spare tire once we get there. Our five hour drive today had turned into eight long hours. I cant believe I'm saying that 61* is cold here. The low is 45* tonight. Oh yeah ... no AC tonight. For now we have had just about enough fun for the day. 


Wednesday morning we woke up to heavy fog. It was really a very nice setting looking across the lake. While waiting for the fog to lift Tim and I had a very relaxing morning before heading out. We then had a pretty easy drive all except for some traffic in Atlanta.  Once we got back up to speed it wasn't long before we had to turn off the interstate for our next destination . . . Red Top Mountain State Park in Georgia. 

What a beautiful park. I wish time allowed for us to have a longer stay here. As luck would have it we were able to park right next to our friends Lynetta & Brian and their three wonderful kids. They have a 1959 Airstream ... My dream trailer. Tim and I met them this past January at the Can Opener in Santa Rosa Beach. The kids helped me take care of Roxy and they carved our names into pieces of pine bark. Lynetta and Brian, knowing we were coming, cooked us the most amazing dinner .... Steak, fresh green beans and corn on the cob. Yum!

Thursday morning we should be able to have a quick visit with them before we head out. Roxy is going to miss the girls but we have plans to meet up with them again later in the year. 


Safe Travels~


Event Coordinator
R&B Events, LLC


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today we pulled out a day and a half later than our original departure date. Sad unforeseen circumstances kept us from leaving on time.  

Since it was a late start we decided we would only drive to Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, FL. It's a Tuesday. No holiday. No need for a reservation. Upon our arrival we were told that the park campground was closed all week for a festival. WHAT? REALLY?

The only choice we had was to continue our journey north. After landing in Jennings, FL at the Jennings Outdoor Resort we got settled in and I began to notice a few things. First we are located really close to I-75. The traffic noise is a little loud but by the time we go to bed and turn on the AC all that noise will be drowned out. Then I saw the Fireworks Super Center just about 120 yards away on property. Woo-hoo I can go walk over and pick up a few commemorative fireworks. But then I noticed the place across the street from it. The Fireworks Warehouse . . . It would be located about 50 feet next to the Exxon. Is there something wrong with this picture? Oh ... is that barbwire around the campground I'm in? Should I be concerned? Ahhhh ... Maybe that's why there isn't any fire rings in this campground!

RIP . . . Lt. Manning. All of your brothers and sisters at KFD love you and will never forget you. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Through out the year Tim and I are camped in a few places that we can not use a rug or in an area that just has bad drainage and possible mud issues if it rains. So to help in these situations Tim got the idea from our friend Rich to build a deck. Tim designed this new deck so that it folds in half and can easily fit under his tool box in the bed of his truck. We have used it once giving it a trial run back in March while we were boondocked in a grassy wet softball field. The deck worked out fantastic giving us a dry place to kick off all the mud and wet grass. It was mainly built keeping the field at the Airstream factory in mind during Alumapalooza. So it's main test is yet to come.

Another little project we did was to paint the interior AC shroud. Unlike the one on the exterior of the Airstream this one was not brittle. It had just severely yellowed over the years. So I thought that if I had used spray paint made for plastic to spiff up some plastic Adirondack chairs at the house that turned out great. Why not on this AC shroud?

While the cover was off it gave us a chance to do a little house cleaning.

The freshly painted AC shroud back in place looks sparkly clean now. No more dingy yellow. For $5 this project can't be beat. You would never know, even if I pointed it out, that it has been repainted. This was a great little project that added to the refreshing of the interior of the Airstream.

Monday, May 13, 2013



YES!!! I finished the dinette cushions last week. First I had to find and order the new foam cushions.  I thought I would do this but then after deciding to get the bottom cushions length cut on a radius to fit the curve of the bench . . . I decided to let a professional take care of that. Getting the total overall measurements and perfect radius cuts were very important. This was done back in March. I only had a few pictures of what is currently done in the new models to go by. The foam I ordered online thru a custom cut business. Once I knew what I wanted I drew a layout with measurements and mailed them all the radius templates that I made. They did a fantastic job and my end results were way cheaper than trying to get this done through the factory or a local professional. Then the big deal was finding a good quality upholstery fabric that both Tim and I agreed on. However the biggest obstacle to overcome was to actually sew the material but I did it. The finished cushions are so nice!!! With just the few interior changes that have recently been done I don't feel like I'm in my Airstream.

I will be at the Airstream factory in a few weeks. Knowing the time, effort, hard work and skill I have put into this Airstream interior I'm sure I will need to keep this all quiet while there. Airstream will be knocking at the door wanting to hire me . . . I just know it. LOL

                                                                                   NEW FOAM WRAPPED IN DACRON


Tim and I still have a few things to get done prior to our departure. We plan on departing around the beginning of next week. We will take a few extra days getting to Ohio and hope to arrive in the Terra Port at the Airstream factory by the Memorial Day weekend. That's when all the fun will begin to get the field prepped for ALUMAPALOOZA!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013


When your maintenance and prep time for a big trip is at a minimum? IT RAINS! We have had over four inches so far this week at the house. Other areas nearby have had eight. There are local roads flooded and even a mud slide nearby in Clermont.

Of course the items on our Airstream to do list are mostly exterior items. We need to scrape off all the old caulking and sealant from above all the windows and the same for everything on the roof top. On paper our Airstream is nine years old. But she really came off the assembly line ten years ago. We've been enjoying it all on borrowed time. Everything should have been re-done long ago.  No leaks so far as we know. Until things dry out here in Florida and on the A/S roof we have decided to take care of a few other things.

Today we were to have another 70% chance of rain but the day began with sunny skies. While we had a break in the precipitation we replaced the exterior AC shroud. The main awning needed adjusting. And I continued to work on my Airstream sewing project. Now that the day is done the new shroud looks so good. We will pick up new A/S decals for it at the factory when we get there in a few weeks. Had we made this trip without its replacement I have a feeling it would not have made the entire trip. Once the old one was removed it basically fell apart in Tim's hands due to it being so brittle.

My sewing project is now half done and should be complete by the end of the weekend. As it turns out we had sunshine ALL day. Not a drop of rain. There was rain everywhere else except Oakland. Rrrrrgh!!! At 7PM the rain finally came and it poured. I'm sure another inch or so has come down. Tomorrow calls for a 40% chance of rain. Tim is working so we are hoping that things will be drier come Sunday when he is off so we can start AGAIN on resealing the windows and the roof.