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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We are still at home working on The Wymer Renovations aka The Sweat
Equity Fund. But thought you all would love to see the picture I took
of Roxy this morning in her buggy. The Airstrem is in there of
course ... on the right edge of frame. I let her walk as far as she
can. Which is two sometimes two and a half blocks. Then I get her in
her personalized buggy, notice her handicap sign and bike flag, and
off we go. I usually push her for 3 - 4 miles on the bike trail. She
loves it. And as you can see when we get home I have a hard time
getting her out of the buggy. Gotta love it ... She makes us laugh

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The last post was sent prior to being finished. You can go to the website to see the complete final blog entry. While there you can also see the archives of all the past trips.



This was the last leg of our trip from last month. We traveled to The Suwannee River State Park in North Florida before heading back home. It was extremely hot but we made the most of it. Even though we are back home and had a very long trip we are ready to go out again.

Roxy not happy that I am towing the Airstream.

Our campsite at Suwannee River State Park

Beautiful Florida Swamp

More Swamp

Tim enjoying the scenery

Me checking out the spring that flows into the Suwannee River

Another smaller spring on the river

Oldest cemetery in Florida

Wildlife Photography
Photo by Tim Wymer

Of all the animals we saw - black bear, deer, wild turkey and hawks. We came home with a bunny picture.

This will be the last blog entry until our next scheduled trip in September. Stay tuned . . .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This blog entry will cover the short amount of time Tim & I spent in South Carolina on our trip last month.

Table Rock State Park in South Carolina

Devils Fork State Park in South Carolina

Our handicap camp site. The park was booked for the weekend and this was all that was available. We said our dog was handicap . . . THANKS ROXY!!!

This is the site to get on the lake if we ever go back. There are many water falls that you are able to boat to from here.

Only one more update on these recaps to go.

Friday, July 2, 2010


This recap of our trip last month covers additional pictures taken traveling from West Virginia to Front Royal, Virginia. Then onto The Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park and The Blue Ridge Parkway. Enjoy . . .

This is somewhere in Maryland

Campsite in Front Royal, Virginia on the Shenandoah River

No, Roxy didn't get a ticket

Blooming flowers near the river

Our first view of the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park. I know this is a two way road but where are the lines?

One of the lookouts on the Skyline Drive

Ohhh . . . tunnel ahead

Cool . . . What's the clearance?

Another view of the Skyline Drive

Campsite at Doughton Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway

One of the lookouts at Doughton Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Beautiful Bridge on the parkway

A scenic meadow

Lake reflections

Otter Creek on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Beautiful landscape

The next blog will cover Devils Fork in South Carolina.

Thursday, July 1, 2010



This blog entry will cover the time period Tim & I spent in West Virginia at Coopers Rock State Forrest near Bruceton Mills. We ventured out on May 22nd, 2010 and had an amazing journey traveling through eleven states. On June 15th, 2010 we returned home only to want to go back out again. Most of the time while we are on our camping trips we tend to venture away from the tourist crowds (off the beaten path & off grid) and head as far away from civilization as we can. Or at least try to hit the popular places in their off season. This usually means no internet or cell phone service and definitely no TV. The way I get my blog out while traveling is to take a few photos with my cell phone each day and then take a gazillion photos with my Nikon SLR camera. Then at the end of each day I write my blog, save it in the note application on my iPhone then copy/paste it into an email the next day, with the phone pictures attached and send it as soon as I can get a cell phone signal. Usually when we return home from our adventures I will then post additional blogs with the better digital pictures. This way my friends and family can see a better depth of field and more details in a picture than what the iPhone can do. So that is what I am doing now and here are a few more pictures taken from this amazing trip we took last month. Yes, it is JULY now and we are back at home in the heat of Florida.

Road leading into the forrest. I love the blur in this photo. It really shows the travel speed and that we are moving.

Mossy Carpet

Tulip Tree Flower

Hiking to Raven Rock Lookout. This was taken near the start of our 2 1/4 mile hike one-way up the mountain. I had no idea there was beautiful fern in West Virginia.

Almost to the top @ Raven Rock. The last leg is always the steepest. No switch backs here.

Raven Rock Lookout. Only way to get here is to hike it up the mountain. And the view is well worth the effort.

Tim @ Raven Rock

Alice (me) @ Raven Rock. Notice the chunk of rock to the left missing from below the cliff. Glad there wasn't any missing below me. ;-)

Tim & I @ Raven Rock

Return hike from Raven Rock. Almost done with our 4 1/2 mile mountain hike. On our return down the mountain there was a girl jogging this trail and another guy on his mountain bike. I think the girl was just a show off and the guy was just plain crazy.

Road leading to Coopers Rock Lookout. We rode our bikes to this lookout. It was a very fast, quick return back down to camp.

Coopers Rock Lookout with Cheat River below.

Tim @ Coopers Rock Lookout. If you look just over Tim's left shoulder you can see the power line cut up the mountain in the background. This is the same cut you can see above our heads in our picture together above at The Raven Rock Lookout.

Our campsite at Coopers Rock

My next blog entry will better cover our travels we had from West Virginia to Virginia, The Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park and The Blue Ridge National Parkway.