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Monday, August 24, 2015

JETT BLAST (update) . . .

I thought I would give everyone a quick update on the newest addition to the Wymer household. Our cute little rock star Jett is little no more. Since we picked her up from the farm back in May at just under 8 pounds on our last camping trip Jett has grown so fast right under our eyes and is weighing in at 40 pounds plus now. Everyday we wake up realizing how much she grows every single day and can't believe it's our dog. 

Now I'm going to be honest here. Jett, now five months old, is the worse dog I have ever had. I've had to teach her to retrieve and to swim. She is outta control ... swings from the drapes, chews on rugs, teethes on the kitchen oven and of course just loves our shoes. In order to prevent any furniture destruction we wrapped some of our furniture with cardboard. Uhhh ... Wouldn't you know she loves cardboard! And Jett is an alpha dog. So that is a learning curve for us.  

Jett has tried every ounce of patience we have. First we had Chelsea who was the best dog ever. Perfect I'd say. Then we had Roxy who had the quirkiest personality and taught us more than she could ever realize. Now we know, that after having had Jett for just three months, the advantages of having had a handicapped dog. RIP to both Chelsea and Roxy ... Oh and to Fishy the goldfish who made it thru us having all three dogs. Fishy passed away last week after 15 years (yeah ... really) swimming around on the back porch. 

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Jett is the first dog that I have had to take to obedience training. The training has helped tremendously and she continues to be a bad dog. So far she has graduated (barely) from the Puppy I Course and has begun the Puppy II Course. I so don't even want to think how much worse she would be had I not began that process. The courses have not only trained Jett to be a better dog but also helps (train) us in understanding her dog nature. Hopefully it will be a good investment of both time and money well spent. 

I have not had a full nights sleep until last week in the three months that we have had Jett. She has had a few medical issues that are slowly getting better and should hopefully completely diminish as she grows, matures and gets spayed. Fingers crossed! As I look back now, I know that had we not had our previous dogs I would not have been prepared to handle this one. They both (Chelsea and Roxy) prepared me for what's to come with this little pup. 

All the people we meet tell us that Jett WILL BE the best dog we have ever had. Please let that be true and please let these needle canine teeth fall out soon I say! Just over the last week we have seen a few glimpses and a glimmer of what's to come. She is sweet (tries) and is turning into a beautiful young black lab with her  gorgeous root beer brown eyes. In all honesty we love her so much and take her where ever we can ... Pet stores, dog parks, the farmers market and of course Bass Pro. Tim and I are glad she has come into our lives and we can't wait to see her continue to grow, mature and amaze us. 

This all leads me to telling you why we have not traveled in the Airstream this summer. At the end of last year when we tried to plan our travels for this year we knew a dog would come into our lives. So we decided not to plan anything for the summer so that we could have time with the new arrival and good thing since we would not have been able to travel with her anyway due to the medical issues. Plus she is now famous and I'm sure the PAW-parrazzi will be after her for sure. A few weeks ago I entered a photo I took of her in the local paper ... And won!

As I'm writing this Tim and I are trying to make a trip happen next month. It's all about our schedules allowing it to happen and hoping the stars all line up. So in the mean time I'm training Jett for her first official glamping trip in the Airstream. Jett is now able to enter and exit the Airstream on her own. She is familiar with where her bed is in the Airstream and enjoys meals out there from time to time. And hopefully I'll get her accustomed to being on my paddle board soon. As hot as it is here in Florida we better get to go somewhere there's water!

So stay tuned and hopefully the next time I post it will be from the road . . . 

(Military stickers Tim found)