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Wednesday, June 14, 2017



Due to our late night turtle walking we slept in a little. As soon as I got out I took off for a paddle up to the north side of the island and around a smaller island along the way. As soon as I returned the thunder began as a storm started to brew. Now the high winds began and we got all the awnings up when the storm split around us and only a few drops of rain fell. 

There was still a strong wind and current ... this meant fishing, kayaking and paddling would be put on hold for awhile. That's when Tim suggested I go fly a kite! So I did. I got a warm smile over my face during assembly as I found sand from its last flight in the Outer Banks. 

Since Plan B was now in play and we were making things up as the day went on we then decided to go find Coral's nest, the loggerhead sea turtle from last night. We easily found it. The nest has not been officially marked yet but I did take a picture of it and one from earlier in the season that had. 

Once off the beach we drove to the north side of Sebastian Inlet State Park to check out the bridge, jetty and fishing action. 

Look for the fishing museum in the far distance. 

Only serious fishermen here. 

Check out the crazy surf and current at the mouth of the Inlet. This is where the current is coming out to sea and meets the opposing force of the ocean waves coming in. Serious stuff! 

Another storm rolled in once back at the Airstream so we sure there would be no more time on the water for this trip. 

Hot dogs and champagne as promised for dinner. Yes, we ate out of the can of beans cooked on the grill. Yes, that is champagne in orange Solo cups and there could be a PBR off camera too. If your going to be Trailer Trash you gotta do it in style. Go ahead judge me! 

Wait! One last paddle! Sunset was spectacular. I was too busy taking pictures to realize ... hey ... go paddle. So I did! YOLO!!! What an amazing way to spend the last moments of sunlight on your birthday just as I started the day. 


Tomorrow we are home bound. 

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