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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Oh yeah! We did it. Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing on the grill!!! If you put a little thought and creativity into it you can cook a lot of different things on a grill. They were very tasty ...

Kinos anyone? I think it's time for few new pairs. This pair might be close to being spent after this trip. I have recently seen a purple and a dark brown version of these. I'm taking orders and will need color choice and sizes if interested. I'll be at the factory in September down in Key West. 

Yesterday Tim and I went kayaking down to Sebastian Inlet. I'm not sure how long we were gone but the trip was pretty cool. We saw lots of osprey, fish and even a manatee. The seacow swam right under me! I was relieved that she didn't spook and roll me. Since we were in the Inlet, that has an extremely strong current, I was a little concerned. Manatees are very slow and curious creatures so I watched her as she turned then came around again. Crisis averted! She just wanted another look. 

Staying near the bank of the Inlet due to the turbulent current we then eased closer to the bridge. The water was clear and beautiful as we began getting still even closer to the bridge and to anglers fishing from shore. Not wanting to disturb them we decided it was time to turn around anyway. As I was turning my stern got out in that stronger current. It was a little workout trying to get back out of it! On our way back we went around a few islands on the intercostal side and took in the peacefulness and tranquility of gliding on the water in a kayak with no boat motors to be heard. 

Jett and Mattie were excited to have us return. We let them play in the water then one at a time get another paddle board lesson. Mattie did just as expected and Jett did better than I expected. I was  able to sit on the board with them and paddle a short distance out. We will see if today brings even more progress with the girls on the paddle board! 

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