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Monday, February 29, 2016

FEBRUARY 25 - 28, 2016

Tin Can Tourists 97th Annual Winter Convention

Last week flew by and there was no time to blog. And since we attend this event every year some may be tired of hearing about the same old things. But here it goes anyway in a condensed single blog post. 

The TCT Convention was packed. Our last inquiry had 106 rigs attending. All a great mix of vintage rigs with the exception of about ten newer units. This year also brought many new members. With every year I always say this is the best year ever. And this time was no exception. 

Between seeing old friends, meeting new friends, a few presentations, the Karen and Jimmy Band, the Schadenfreude Circus and all the gatherings to eat we stayed really busy. Our main purpose was to seek out trailers that might have ideas we need for our restoration of the 1948 Airstream Liner. Tim kept his tape measure on hand. One thing we needed was measurements of bathrooms in existing trailers for us to use for reference on our build. Plus being able to talk to owners of these rigs to see what's working or not for them. 

Jett kept us busy as well. At ten months old now this is her sixth camping trip in the Airstream. We were a bit concerned that she may turn into the barking dog but she totally surprised us and was actually very well behaved. She got to see her cows again and the donkey. I kept her on leash with us all the time unless we had scheduled meals with the entire group. Jett was able to see some of her camping buddies she met last year in November and December and met new pups as well. We all talked about how everyone will be able to see the dogs grow and continue to be friends for years to come. 

To wrap this post up our next two outings will not be the same as any of our past adventures. They will not be at locations we've been to in the past with just one exception to one stop on the second trip planned. And with that location we had to depart there early three years ago due to weather which is the reason for our return to see what we missed. Our next few adventures will be taking us hiking on famous trails, going on haunted tours, into museums, kayaking intercostal waterways, hanging out on sand dunes, going into gardens (good & evil) and experiencing some of the south's most famous southern charm. 

Can't wait . . .