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Monday, August 24, 2009

Walbernize . . . a little dab will do ya!

More like two bottles worth. Let the Walbernizing begin. Hope to get at least the butt done today.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day Road Trip, Maintenance & Other Fun Stuff

Yesterday's road trip turned out to be a great adventure. Tim & I drove (w/o A/S) all the way to Alachua. It's just north of Gainesville. JD Sanders RV Center, an Airstream dealership, is located there. Even though this place is thirty minutes farther to drive than the OTHER place, what you find there as far as customer service, knowledge and an A/S parts store is well worth the longer drive. While there we picked up EIGHTY feet of D-Seal to re-do all the windows that open on The Palace and a few other odds and ends. We will be doing a slow roll on needed maintenance over the next three weeks to ready for the annual Keys trip.

By leaving early today we anticipated being back home by noon or so to let Roxy out. But as luck would have it we spent lots of time in the parts store - they refused to part with the A/S neon clock. Then we just had to go check out all the new Airstreams on the lot. I swear I didn't run. Tim made me promise that I would not run on the lot. I still wont part with mine. On our return we missed a crazy turn getting onto the interstate and came across Payne's Prairie State Park and Reserve. The park is beautiful and has been added to our must camp list. The town of Oakland didn't see us back until 3:30 pm. Poor Roxy survived her confinement.

Last night we were able to replace the D-Seal on one window. GREAT TEAM WORK! I also washed the three Zip Dee's last week and have re-coated all but the big awning with Scotch Guard. Hope to finish that as well this week. Today I was able to dodge the sixty percent chance of rain and got The Palace washed. Even got behind the rock guards. The one new window seal ROCKS!!! Tomorrow . . . Let the Walbernizeing begin.