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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Front Interior Panel Removal

Tim began the careful removal of the front panel until he realized it was not original. Then it became another demo session. Some of the trim even had finish nails driven through the wood into the aluminum panel. 


Several layers of non-original paint laid behind the paneling. Giving us hints it’s not original. Old rivet holes showing a much deeper front storage area or actually where the original chest of drawers sat under the front window. Prior to removing the paneling we believed we had either a Chinook or a South Wind model. Now we are definitely leaning toward the South Wind! 

We have a busy week ahead. Not working on the Liner but getting our ‘04 Airstream ready for a vintage rally that takes place next weekend. This rally will have over 150 vintage rigs of all brands present. There is always opportunity to gain more knowledge, see old friends and meet new people at this event. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018


The first photos are a reminder of what we started with:

Wall removal ...

 There was an interesting fact discovered in the removal of the current non original bathroom. However we do know a few of the Liner models did in fact have a bathroom offered as an option. On the wall where this bathroom existed mounting holes were discovered where another overhead locker once hung. All of the mounting holes of the existing lockers were measured to see if one of the others had been moved from here and rehung. No! And none of the holes on the existing lockers match each other. So we now know that we are missing one overhead locker and that a bathroom was not original to this Liner. 

We will not look for or duplicate another locker since a new bathroom will occupy that space. The plan is to put a functional bathroom in this Liner.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


The non-original galley has been removed . . .

Looking like this Liner could either be a Chinook or a South Wind model.

The first shiny new part has been installed! A door knob on the main entry door. Tim and I kept finding the door open. Problem solved.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


More on the 1948 Liner! Dinette removal. Behind the dinette is paneling. Not sure if it’s original. Probably not but we were told a story that the original owner worked for Airstream. Another note ... the person who built the dinette more than likely did not install the paneling. The paneling is riveted in. 

More good stuff ...

A  previous owner CUT OUT/OFF the rear emblem. Gasp. Head scratching. Why?

Another section of that same panel is in really bad shape. This is one of a few panels that will be replaced. 

Fortunately for us the original emblem was found inside the Liner. When we came across someone making a few reproductions we purchased one. 

More to come! 

Monday, January 15, 2018


January 11 - 15, 2018

I did it! My first solo trip. I’ve been building up to it. Practicing backing up. Hitching up. Unhitching. The driving and towing I already had down. 

This past June I found out about this rally through Sisters on The Fly an organization that I am a member of. The membership is nearing 10,000. Most of their events are no kids, no dogs and no misters. They are now allowing dogs at most of the events and on a rare occasion will hold events where misters are allowed. I’ve been a member of SOTF for about five or six years and this will be my first adventure with them. A trip of many firsts. SOTF holds events all over the U.S. 

This particular rally is held in Crystal River, Florida each year and is called The Mermaids and Manatees Rally. Thirty of us from 12 different states transcended into our campsites with anticipation of a good time. Their motto is ‘We have more fun than anyone!’. And that we did! 

Campfires, a potluck, The Manatee Festival, which I highly recommend. One night we drove out to Ozello and ate at Peck’s Old Port Cove. Yummy seafood! Very old Florida and very accommodating for a last minute reservation for 15.

Look out! Manatee!!!

On Saturday I was to join a few of the ladies for a kayaking trip on my paddle board while others in our group took a boat to Three Sisters to swim with the manatees. It was a very cold 45* morning and very, very windy. No sun. I wouldn’t be able to use my board due to the wind but got lucky when a kayak rental became available so I could still go. It was still a challenge due to the weather but worth the effort. 

I won’t forget my favorite outing on the trip ... hanging out with Mermaids! Live for real MERMAIDS y’all!!!

When we arrived at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park first thing was getting our hands on a schedule and a quick trip into the gift shop. Two other sisters went with me and we ran into four other sisters already there. 

First up was the Mermaid Show. Amazing! Then we took the Wilderness River Cruise. Fun! Then we went back to the Mermaid Underwater Theater to watch ... wait for it ... The Legendary Sirens perform! The Legendary Sirens show include performers representing decades from the 50’s to the 70’s. Absolutely spectacular!!! We sat in the second row center stage. 

Before their show began all six of the Legendary Mermaids performing did their own introduction. One lovely Mermaid said ‘I may be 73 years old but when I get in that water I’m 19 again. Don’t ever let anyone steal your magic!’ What an inspiration! Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Best day ever. 

During the show I realized the front row, that had been reserved, was full of other Legends. After the show we met them and took photos of and for them. We even tried to get them to join SOTF. Never know we could have a Mermaid sister soon! 

All in all it was a really good trip. Everything went very smooth for me. My new sister friends that I met are all amazing ladies who I admire.  They either left their misters at home, are divorced or widowed. I really stepped out of my comfort zone. Built some confidence and realized that I can do this on my own. I had a really great teacher ... Thanks Tim! I’m hoping I can continue to meet with my SOTF group and possibly do a few trips a year with them. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018


As promised here are some interior pictures of our 1948 Liner Serial #1120. I’ll say that this is hands down the worst, most disgusting, deplorable trailer that I have ever been in. 

Most of the ten layers of paint are coming off here and there. In the rear near the bathroom the paint is dangling like melting ice cream. Some family and friends won’t go in or can barely stick their heads in the door. The smell. Let’s not even go there. Need a respirator for sure! 

Byam hooks. Yes!!! 
Three lockers intact. 
Wardrobe present but top modified. (head scratching) Rear bed platform is good. Mattress disgusting. Bathroom reminder: Don’t touch anything. Dinette. Wow! What can I say? (more head scratching) Galley replaced with apartment appliances. Much sadness. 

I keep focusing on what I visualize as her final shiny self and the glory of what she will become then I can move on. So much work is ahead of us. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

1948 LINER - A 70 Year Journey


It began many years ago the dream of owning an Airstream but not any Airstream ... a Liner. At first we knew we would need to travel many miles from Central Florida to retrieve one. After much searching it showed up right under our noses, three years ago, just as I had jokingly said one day. 

Moving forward to current day we finally began working on her this past November. MrRivet retired in 2017, ten years earlier than most, so now there’s just a little more time available. She is a hot mess but she’s our hot mess. Even if we found one in better condition we would still need to do the same amount of work. Meaning shell off, new frame. Everyone knows what a mess one can find with a pipe frame. 

I’ll begin posts to this thread to get everyone updated to our current point in this restoration. MrRivet will chime in as needed to better explain processes, techniques or to answer specific questions. We will need help along the way as well and will throw questions and ideas out there to the Forums for answers. 

This will be our first rodeo! Sort of? Our other Airstream, a 2004 28’ International, that we’ve had 10 1/2 years needed the last 22” of floor replaced due to a rear bumper leak with floor rot. MrRivet did that with the help of his assistant. It’s now better than new. That may or may not qualify us for a shell off but you have to start somewhere. 

From the pictures you will be left scratching your head as to why previous owners did what they did. Well we are scratching our heads, asking the same questions and will do what’s necessary to make it right again. Anything to get another vintage coach back on the road. By the way she is turning SEVENTY this month! 

At the same time we purchased this 1948 Liner MrRivet acquired his Grandpa Elmer’s 1961 Chevy Apache Pick-up. So as you see it needs work too! We do indeed have a very full plate. Since we plan to use Elmer’s truck, named Elmer, to tow the 1948 Liner locally we feel it only appropriate to name the Liner, Vergie, after Grandma. Elmer and Vergie would be so honored. 

We ARE rebuilding this trailer.
There will be many new skills and patience to acquire. 

We are TheRivets and together we begin this journey! 

Interior pictures will be next.