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Sunday, June 3, 2018


Finally the frame is painted ... for the most part anyway. The remaining axle sections will be finished at a later date. We went with the gray Por-15 as the first coat and then black as the second coat to ensure everything was covered in both coats. 

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On to the next task . . .

Saturday, June 2, 2018


After three weeks of rain delay we have finally, sorta of made some progress. The gantries were built and raised! 

During and between rain showers this past week we did it! The first set Tim and I raised by ourselves. On the she second set I called in reinforcements and had my step-dad come help. Thanks Papa John! We could not have done it without you. Even though we didn’t actually touch the Liner this week at least we feel progress was made. Thanks to whoever posted the plans on the AirForums for the gantry build. It was a link to a thread to a thread to another thread. Now when time comes to rotisserie the frame and when it’s time to lift the shell off the old frame we will be ready. Vergie is still patiently waiting in the background. 

Forecast has drier weather ahead for us. Yesterday stayed dry but that turned into a yard day. The grass has grown really fast with all the rain that we have had. Tim should be able to finish painting the frame today. 

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Sunday, May 20, 2018


I can not believe it but I must tell. During the many, many years that I have lived in Florida I have never, ever been to Sanibel. So there it is ... my confession!

Several months back I decided to meet-up again with my group Sisters On The Fly. SOTF holds hundreds of events throughout the year, with vintage trailers, all over the U.S. Most events are no Misters, no dogs and definitely no kids. It allows for the group to focus on the event and to enjoy the time away. This event was titled Sisters & Seashells. I decided to go for several reasons ... first like I said I’ve never been, there are no dogs allowed at this campground due to a bird sanctuary there and lets face it Tim won’t just drive me the 3 1/2 hours one way just to go look at seashells on the seashore. So my thoughts were this might be my only chance to camp at Periwinkle in Sanibel. 

As my luck would have it work began to interfere. My last day of this shoot was the first day I was to be in Sanibel. Tim was kind enough to offer to tow the Airstream down there, drop it and come back so that I could go down early on Friday. The plan worked and I had a blast. The Sisters say ‘He’s a keeper.’ THANK YOU TIM!!!

There are also a handful of other animals on property at Periwinkle RV Park - Spider monkeys, brown lemurs and the ring tailed lemurs pictured above. These and all the birds including a pair of swans were all within site of my campsite. Some of the ladies went kayaking the first day and had quite the adventure. By the time I caught up we went shopping in Sanibel and Captiva, sight seeing on the islands, enjoyed a potluck one night and had a fabulous dinner out at the Lazy Flamingo on another night. We even streamed the Royal Wedding from my campsite early Saturday morning while drinking mimosas from gold Solo cups! That’s how I roll. It was really nice hanging out with the sisters at this SOTF event. Some I knew and it was fun getting to know the ones I hadn’t met yet. I was as happy as a Flamingo in a trailer park! LOL

Florida has had an unbelievable amount of rain over the past week. Just over six inches while I was gone. Unfortunately no work has been able to be done on the ‘48 Airstream back home. Luckily the weather held out for us in south Florida until our last night. I had to get up early this morning to be able to hitch up and get on the road between showers. The drive home was a wet one. The rain was constant. I was comfortable during the drive but still considered it a confidence builder. I arrived home safely and now have another successful solo trip under my belt. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018


Life keeps getting in the way. Between services, Birthday Parties, doctor appointments, galas, my work and now the weather ... progress has been slow. The metal prep has begun but WOW what a process. The metal degreaser was a breeze. Then came the metal prep. For those who have not done this it took much longer than anticipated. The painting was to begin today however we’ve had rain and there’s more coming. 

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Even with all the delays we have still been moving forward on purchasing smaller items needed on future segments of this project. All the holding tanks came in. We purchased a nifty dent roller. Had custom taillights made in California and have even bought curtain material. 

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Hopefully we’ll have drier weather by Monday. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Today Tim moved the Liner back about 65’ through soft sand and thick grass with our golf cart. It took a little bit to get her moving since she had settled in the sand but with a little rock back and forth it worked. The Liner had sat unmoved for just over three years. We had decided to use the golf cart to keep his heavy truck out of the soft unpacked sand on that side of the house. I had put the flames on the golf cart to make it go faster, seems it made it a tougher TV as well! 

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I then used the golf cart to easily tow the new frame around front yard, on our gravel road and back it into the side yard like no load was there. The new frame currently sits where the Liner use to sit. The Liner really looks nice sitting in her new temporary location.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018


No progress but progress has happened. Tim has spent a good part of the week measuring and re-measuring the new frame. There were a few critical measurements to confirm like where the door opening lands and cross member placement. So far it looks to be perfect! He seems to be sleeping somewhat better now. The cross members were spaced to where we would not need to special order holding tanks. Once the frame landed we confirmed those numbers so we could go ahead and order tanks from VTS and Plastic Mart. 

So this week we did go ahead and order the holding tanks. Even tho no physical progress we still feel that something was accomplished by placing those orders. VTS has given us a five business day turnaround. All they will do is insert fittings, to shelf stock, where requested by us. By not ordering custom tanks it saves some money but still an expensive purchase. 

This week we will order the metal needed for holding the tanks in place and begin prepping the frame for paint. Also on the horizon looms the purchase of the Marine Plywood for the decking.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


The new frame for our 1948 Airstream Liner has arrived home! 

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