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Thursday, March 30, 2017


February 23rd - 26th, 2017

Within a few weeks of Tim's retirement we were off on a trip. Below is hopefully a better link to Tim's retirement video: 

We packed all our stuff, loaded up the girls and off to Brooksville, Florida for our annual trip to the Tin Can Tourist Winter Convention. 

Jett and Mattie had a blast. With all the attendees at this event they met many new people and other dogs as well. Being out in the woods gave them many opportunities to explore too. 

There were over 100 rigs in attendance. Anything from Trotwoods, to Scoties to the usual vintage Airstreams. Our goal is to have our 1948 Airstream Liner restored for the 100th TCT Winter Convention. With the open house of the vintage trailers, nightly entertainment, a tour of a private car collection, a potluck dinner, a few catered dinners and all the socializing the time flew. 

Every year we say 'This was the best one yet!' And the same held true for this year ...

I along with a few others were interviewed on the VAP. The VAP is the Vintage Airstream Podcast. This is an audio link only:

This year begins the fundraising for the 100th Convention that takes place in two years. As part of the fundraising they held a raffle. One item that Tim got tickets for was for a sword. This sword has history to it and belongs to our friends who are Sword Swallowers & Fire Breathers! Well of course Tim won the sword and had to retrieve it ... out of the Sword Swallower! 

We really did have a great time and will take off soon for a short little get away. 

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